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Attack of the Clones

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Attack of the Clones

Star Wars Series, Book 2
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There is a great disturbance in the Force. . . . From the sleek ships of the glimmering Coruscant skyscape to the lush gardens of pastoral Naboo, dissent is roiling. The Republic is failing, even under...
There is a great disturbance in the Force. . . . From the sleek ships of the glimmering Coruscant skyscape to the lush gardens of pastoral Naboo, dissent is roiling. The Republic is failing, even under...
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  • There is a great disturbance in the Force. . . . From the sleek ships of the glimmering Coruscant skyscape to the lush gardens of pastoral Naboo, dissent is roiling. The Republic is failing, even under the leadership of Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, elected ten years earlier to save the crumbling government. Separatists threaten war, and the Senate is hopelessly divided, unable to determine whether to raise an army for battle or keep the fragile peace. It is a stalemate that once broken, could lead to galactic chaos.

    Mischievous and resolved, courageous to the point of recklessness, Anakin Skywalker has come of age in a time of great upheaval. The nineteen-year-old apprentice to Obi-Wan Kenobi is an enigma to the Jedi Council, and a challenge to his Jedi Master. Time has not dulled Anakin's ambition, nor has his Jedi training tamed his independent streak. When an attempt on Senator Padmé Amidala's life brings them together for the first time in ten years, it is clear that time also has not dulled Anakin's intense feelings for the beautiful diplomat.

    The attack on Senator Amidala just before a crucial vote thrusts the Republic even closer to the edge of disaster. Masters Yoda and Mace Windu sense enormous unease. The dark side is growing, clouding the Jedi's perception of the events. Unbeknownst to the Jedi, a slow rumble is building into the roar of thousands of soldiers readying for battle. But even as the Republic falters around them, Anakin and Padmé find a connection so intense that all else begins to fall away. Anakin will lose himself--and his way--in emotions a Jedi, sworn to hold allegiance only to the Order, is forbidden to have.

    Based on the story by George Lucas and the screenplay by George Lucas and Jonathan Hales, this intense and revealing novel by bestselling author R. A. Salvatore sheds new light on the legend of Star Wars--and skillfully illuminates one of our most beloved sagas.

    Features a bonus section following the novel that includes a primer on the Star Wars expanded universe, and over half a dozen excerpts from some of the most popular Star Wars books of the last thirty years!

  • Chapter Four

    The four starships skimmed past the great skyscrapers of Coruscant, weaving in and out
    of the huge amber structures, artificial stalagmites rising higher and higher over the years, and
    now obscuring the natural formations of the planet unlike anywhere
    else in the known galaxy. Sunlight reflected off the many
    mirrorlike windows of those massive structures, and gleamed
    brilliantly off the chrome of the sleek ships. The larger starship,
    which resembled a flying silver boomerang, almost glowed,
    smooth and flowing with huge and powerful engines set on
    each of its arms, a third of the way to the wingtip. Alongside it
    soared several Naboo starfighters, their graceful engines set out
    on wings from the main hulls with their distinctive elongated

    One of the starfighters led the procession, veering around
    and about nearly every passing tower, running point for the second
    ship, the Naboo Royal Cruiser. Behind that larger craft came
    two more fighters, running swift and close to the Royal Cruiser,
    shielding her, pilots ready to instantly intercept any threat.

    The lead fighter avoided the more heavily trafficked routes of
    the great city, where potential enemies might be flying within the
    cover of thousands of ordinary vehicles. Many knew that Senator
    Amidala of Naboo was returning to the Senate to cast her vote
    against the creation of an army to assist the overwhelmed Jedi in
    their dealings with the increasingly antagonistic separatist movement,
    and there were many factions that did not want such a vote
    to be cast. Amidala had made many enemies during her reign as
    Naboo's Queen, powerful enemies with great resources at their
    disposal, and with, perhaps, enough hatred for the beautiful
    young Senator to put some of those resources to work to her

    In the lead fighter, Corporal Dolphe, who had distinguished
    himself greatly in the Naboo war against the Trade Federation,
    breathed a sigh of relief as the appointed landing platform came
    into sight, appearing secure and clear. Dolphe, a tough warrior
    who revered his Senator greatly, flew past the landing platform
    to the left, then cut a tight turn back to the right, encircling the
    great structure, the Senatorial Apartment Building, adjacent to
    the landing platform. He kept his fighter up and about as the
    other two fighters put down side by side on one end of the platform,
    the Royal Cruiser hovering nearby for just a moment,
    then gently landing.

    Dolphe did another circuit, then, seeing no traffic at all in
    the vicinity, settled his fighter across the way from his companion
    craft. He didn't put it down all the way just yet, though, but
    remained ready to swivel about and strike hard at any attackers,
    if need be.

    Opposite him, the other two fighter pilots threw back
    their respective canopies and climbed from their cockpits. One,
    Captain Typho, recently appointed as Amidala's chief security
    officer by his uncle Panaka, pulled off his flight helmet and
    shook his head, running a hand over his short, woolly black
    hair and adjusting the black leather patch he wore over his
    left eye.

    "We made it," Typho said as his fellow fighter pilot leapt
    down from a wing to stand beside him. "I guess I was wrong.
    There was no danger at all."

    "There's always danger, Captain," the other responded in a
    distinctly female voice. "Sometimes we're just lucky enough to
    avoid it."

    Typho started to respond, but paused and looked back
    toward the cruiser, where the ramp was already lowering to the
    platform. The plan had been to get the contingent off the...

About the Author-
  • R. A. Salvatore was born in Massachusetts in 1959. He is the acclaimed author of the DemonWars trilogy: The Demon Awakens, The Demon Spirit, and The Demon Apostle, as well as Mortalis, Bastion of Darkness, Ascendance, and the New York Times bestseller Star Wars® The New Jedi Order: Vector Prime. He lives in Massachusetts with his wife, Diane, and their three children.

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Attack of the Clones
Attack of the Clones
Star Wars Series, Book 2
R.A. Salvatore
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Attack of the Clones
Attack of the Clones
Star Wars Series, Book 2
R.A. Salvatore
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